Sunday, January 29, 2017


This Type 1 mama has been wrecked. My heart has been completely broken for what breaks His.  Type 1 is an inequitable, unfair disease, a disease if you do not live in the right country and do not have access to insulin and supplies in time will kill you.  Type 1 is relentless, unforgiving and greatly misunderstood. Doing the work of your pancreas is an uphill battle even under the best circumstances. A battle that is never won.  A battle that is easily lost in 3rd world countries.

A few months ago I was given a vision of bringing/getting diabetic supplies to a 3rd world country. That was all a brief moment and I remember thinking yep not sure what to do with that. 

Then a couple weeks ago I saw a post from one of our pastors from our church in Wisconsin. He is in Haiti and is the founder of Upstream International.  Below is his post, a post I could not ignore not even for a second.

I spent time with pastor Dimache this afternoon, the family is afraid. He took his blood sugar while I was there and it was higher than his machine could read, it just simply read "Hi"!!
He more than likely will need insulin to live. Insulin in Haiti can cost $3 per dose sometimes requiring 3 shots a day. This just is not possible on a $2 a day income. Without a miracle Pastor could pass leaving behind a widow and 34 orphans.

This Haitian Pastor and so many others are wasting away from this ruthless disease. Because he lives in Haiti and this disease is greatly misunderstood it can be a death sentence. The advise from Haitian doctors is to eat leftovers, drink juice, stop taking insulin or maybe take a little insulin in the morning. That advise will only take a life faster. Making $2 a day and one dose costing $3, that is injustice. A vial of insulin costs $279 in Haiti that same vial of insulin is available in American for $24.88 WITHOUT a prescription.

That brief moment that I had months ago came roaring back. I knew our family was jumping on board with the others that wanted to help. I purchased syringes, alcohol pads, meters, test strips, lancets and insulin. Of course Gods timing is always perfect and the supplies and insulin made it to Haiti.

This is not the end.  All I know in this very moment is that we will continue to send these supplies to Haiti. Not knowing how this vision will end is not going to stop me from starting. 

Wrecked in the most beautiful way.  Fighting back tears at very inopportune times is new to me. Pastor Joe are Sami are showing me that America really does not get it.  I want to get it.  I have seen a glimpse and it cannot be erased.

From my Utmost for His Highest: There is no escape when our Lord speaks. He always comes using His authority and taking hold of our understanding.  God speaks in the language you know best...not through your ears, but through your circumstances.

Thank you Jesus for using Brett's circumstance for your glory. Amen to that!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Out of the Mouth of Jake

 Oh Jake, you make life fun! You make me laugh!  What in the world would I do without you?  I love the selfies you left for me on my camera.
 Don't worry I am still keeping a list of the both wonderful, crazy, out of nowhere sentences and questions that come out of your mouth.
The highlights from the past couple years......

I was made in China.
I'm telling you the truth I wear a wig. I really have brown hair.
Godzilla wears a bikini.
I'm getting married on Christmas.
I had to tell someone Adam and Eve were not monkeys.
 There can't be aliens because God made us in His image.
I know how it works, you burp when you drink pop because the bubbles go up, if the bubbles went down you would fart.
Why do people have other religions?
I don't want to be a cool kid because they jump off stuff and break way more bones.
Does Talli have an online best friend because she takes college classes on the computer?
When you die what does your body look like? I want my body posed with my hand under my chin,
or my hand in the air like "hey girl what's going on!"
I don't like when grandmas say no like when they say I can't play a game and I have to clean.
I'm so muscular, I can't stand it.
Clinton was horrible because he wanted all schools to wear uniforms.
I made an "I love God" club in school.
If I get in trouble I don't care....If a teacher calls just say okay.
I think Jesus is coming back in 2040.  I'm tired of waiting.
I bet Jesus put the most beautiful fish in heaven. 
Brett won't have diabetes in heaven.
I want a pet tiger shark.
I want a giant steak in heaven.
I want my house to be a color I can't even imagine in heaven.
 I think Brett came up with "your mama" jokes.
If you pull your ears out like owls you can hear 2 miles away.
My last name is Ford.
I'm going to spread anti pickle propaganda.
If I lose my arm will it grow back?
Why did God make fish? I know so I can go fishing.
I want a pool that connects to the ocean so fish will come to my pool but I will need a tranquilizer gun for the bull sharks that will swim in. 
My fish died...can I get a boy sea monkey? They give birth.
I bit myself because I got bored.
I wish I could hibernate.  I would be like a squirrel and be so big I couldn't fit upstairs. I would dream for 2 months.
That cow could easily jump that fence.
If you are putting a dog to sleep, and you accidentally stab yourself with the shot will you die too?
What would happen if you put a giant fish to sleep?
Why can't you spell hallelujah like holaluya?
Kids are kissing in my class. They aren't even married.  I'm going to hang out with the dad before I ask if I can marry a girl that way he knows me.
When I am sick I dream of numbers and my dreams go fast.
What do I do when I am really sick and want to kiss you but don't want to get you sick?
I wish I was born on Christmas then I could share my birthday with Jesus.
I'm naming my kid Jesus Ryan Cavanaugh
One day I was thinking about how to tell my friend about Jesus, then we talked about Him.
Every time I need to learn something God lets me hear it.
If we put feathers on our arms can we fly?
Why can't you stick your finger through one ear and out the other?
When I was little I thought there was a little drum in my ear.
I would be fine if the Grinch was in my class.  I almost cried when he was bullied as a baby.
If I close my eyes really tight like this I can't hear.
What if my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather wrote the bill of rights?
Sometimes I wish a could walk and pee like an animal or at least have a diaper.
Can we to to Canada and get Canadian bacon?  Then go to Alaska and try to find Russia?
Mom, I love your right after Jesus.  I love him more.
Wouldn't it be nice if cows were potty trained so it wouldn't smell.  They should go in trash cans.
What happens if your sweat explodes?
I want to move to the Mexico side of Texas so I can have real burrito.
If you have an ear hair can you pull it out your other ear?
If you think about your feet you have to stretch them.
When we get to the ocean I'm going to try to ride a shark while you guys run away.
In D.C. can I sit Abraham Lincoln's lap?
If I found a deer in our yard I would tame it to be my horse.
Why does it say y and z for the alphabet and not yz? 
What body parts do you not need?
Do you just rub the steering wheel or do you move it to turn?
Flowers are God's febreeze.
Do all animals have vocal cords?
Why wasn't I at your wedding?  I could of been your coordinator.

until next time......

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I love someone with T1D

 It is Project Blue November, the month to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.  Brett was diagnosed 17 months ago.  17 months ago Brett was constantly thirsty, frequently urinating and had rapid weight loss.  He was beginning to complain that his stomach hurt.  The next sign would of been throwing up and I most likely would of just thought he had come down with the stomach flu.  At this point the disease develops rapidly and he would of become critically ill.  Thank you Jesus that he made it to the doctor in time.
Brett was admitted to the hospital with an A1C of 14.6 with a blood glucose reading of close to 600.  Which means he was walking around with an average blood sugar of 378 for several months.  Never ignore the signs of diabetes!  It can be a fatal decision.
 Brett does not let being a Type 1 define him.  Not. one. single. time in 17 months has he complained about the 1000's of times he has checked his blood sugar or injected himself with insulin.  He even thanks me when I check him in the middle of the night.
It is hard work doing the work for your pancreas.  He counts every carb he puts in his mouth, corrects his highs and brings up his lows.  Brett has made being a Type 1 part of his life, not his life.
I am about to tape up the 4th gallon jug filled with needles,  every time it is filled to the rim with needles I stop and remember how grateful I am that Brett was diagnosed in time and never for a second do I take for granted that Brett has access to the insulin that keeps him alive.
Brett sees his endocrinologist every 3 months.  He keeps astonishing his doctor.  If you know anything about an A1C you will know that his last A1C of 5.5 is simply more than amazing.  His doctor is shocked by his results every visit.  We are not.  You see I believe that Jesus is healing him.  I am believing and praying that he will be healed on this side of heaven.  Many people pray for his healing and there is power in prayer. 
Psalm 30: 2
LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.
This auto immune disease will not slow my boy down.  I am very proud of him.  He ran cross country for the first time this year.  When he decided he wanted to run I had a small mom panic attack, but soon realized that Jesus has this.  I pray for his protection every time he takes off running.  Brett slaps some sugar on his arm and is off. 
Brett, you never cease to amaze me.
I hear Jesus whisper that he will heal you in his time.  Until then continue to be grateful of his provisions.  I know I am.  You tell me you want to be an endocrinologist.  Keep that dream alive.  You are smart enough to find the cure for diabetes.  
I love someone with T1D and that is you!
I love you and you are a blessing. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Brylee Ann 3rd Grade

Brylee Ann
3rd Grade
Beautiful inside and out.
Loves gymnastics
Loves her friends 
Wants to be a baby doctor
Dream vehicle is a Honda Odyssey mini van
Can cry at the drop of a hat
Loves to play barbies
Loves her daddy
Loves school
Loves to clean toilets
Loves life

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jake's Brown Paper Bag

Jake is in the 5th Grade and one of his first assignments was to fill a brown paper bag with 3 things that represent him.  He asked me what I thought represented him best.  I was busy making dinner and I rambled off what came to mind and would fit in the paper bag.
When I opened his bag he had his bible in it.  My eyes filled with happy tears.  His bible is not something I rambled off, though it should of been!
 My boy is intensely in love with Jesus! He brings his bible to school in his back pack everyday.
He brought his filled paper bag to school and wrote his story.  
All the 5th grade paper bag stories hang in a hallway.
It reads:
Paper bag by Jacob C.
Hi my name is Jacob C! I'm 11 years old. And my birthday is on October 2nd. So far I think school is awesome. In my bag my mom and me pick out star wars clone trooper because star wars is cool. And a football because sport's are fun. last but not least a bible.
To begin with I brought my bible because Jesus is very close to my heart. My mom gave it to me.  And I keep it in my backpack.
Also I brought a clone tropper since I love star wars. And it reminds me of my dad who loves star wars to. His name id commander Neyo.
Finally I brought a football because I love sports. Such as basketball, football and baseball.  In my opinion I like basketball the best.
I enjoyed telling you about me.  I can't wait to read my friends. I am looking forward to a great school year at Meadowview Elementary School.
This is Jake with his school issued iPad.  His background wallpaper is a picture of Jesus.
Jake has a gentle spirit.  He tells me he thinks about God all the time and I pray he always hears the small whispers from God.
He listens to Christian music in is room. His radio is never turned off, not even overnight.
Oh Jake always keep Jesus close to your heart.  Always be brave sharing the word of God.  Always keep your bible close.  Always serve others.  Always take the paths that God has for you.  Remember Jesus is always with you so don't take him somewhere you would not want him to be.  Always remember His love will never fail you.
Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.
God has his hand on you.  
Be brave and never be ashamed of the gospel!
You are such a blessing and I love you!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Day of School

 Brett's 8th Grade Year...Done! Which means this guy is a Freshman next year.  What???
He had a wonderful year and of course.....all A's. 

 Jake's 4th Grade Year...Done!  5th grade here he comes.
He is my spunky, full of life kid.  He may be a ball of fire at home but he is Mr. Responsible at school and came home with a responsibility award on the last day of school.

 Brylee's 2nd Grade Year....Done!!!  Watch out 3rd Grade.  She is a super sweet, sensitive girl who loves school.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

 May 2015 in Pictures
Jake played his last 3 on 3 basketball game.  He of course loved it and can't wait to play again in July.

Brylee and her bestie found some awesome garage sale treasures.
Brylee's sunflower painting was selected to be in the district wide art show.
The mountains of dirt were finally removed from around the house!
This trio walks down the hallway after school everyday with their arms around each others shoulders!
Jake read some of his poetry at his Poetry Coffee House

After the Poetry Coffee House Jake busted out his favorite twins and they had a treat.
Brylee had her first sleepover with Caprese.
Awesome friends gave us free tickets to Valley Fair.
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Terry came to visit.
Jake had his Comic Con Convention and they read their comics to the other students.
He was Bolt the Super-Hero and stopped the Time-Taker from moving cars.
 Face-timed with my most squishy, adorable nephews.
Took the kids out to dinner.
Each kid invited a friend from school over for a bonfire.
The builder came and started looking for the bad insulation in our house.  Which is really smelly if we open our windows!
Brett had a bonfire with a couple of his friends.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

The kids had to go to school on the 23rd.
Seriously who goes to school on the December 23rd??
It was red and green day.  
The school was bustling with excitement!  The teachers sang Christmas carols to the students as they arrived to school.  Very cool.
Jake was a student of the month for December.  Go J!!!
He was picked by his teacher for his caring attributes.
Sure love my student of the month.
Every Christmas Eve morning the kids call Mimi and open their presents from her.  Those presents keep them busy while we wait for Bryan to get home from work.
We went to church at noon on Christmas Eve and Brylee sat by her friend Ad.
Bryan finally got home from work wearing his ugly Christmas tie which comes out every Christmas Eve for work.  Next up Gingerbread houses.
 Brylee made a garage.
Jake made a lemon farm and Brett ate candy. 
 Finally after dinner it was time to open presents.  They only asked 1400 times when they could open presents.
Funny how they will pose for any picture if they know as soon as I am done taking pictures they get to open presents.
Jake even agreed to kiss his sister!
Even our elf Jo got a present.
Brylee spent the rest of the night making master pieces.
And yes it's true even though we live way up North and our neighbor is Canada we did not have white Christmas.  The picture of rain is accurate.
Christmas morning they found their stocking filled and had one more present.
Lucky us Brett shot us several times throughout the day with his new nerf gun from Ashleigh.
Merry Christmas!!!
We had a quiet Christmas missing our families but oh so grateful for our Savior who chose to born as a baby.
We decided not to move during Christmas but now I look around and tell myself..."self get off this computer and pack some boxes."  Moving day is creeping up on us.  The house is built just sitting there waiting for us.   I have never had to pack and move,  the packing and moving company fairies usually show up.  I tell ya if we never have to move again that would be a beautiful thing!