Sunday, April 13, 2014

Washington D.C.

Brett is right, going to Washington D.C. was the best field trip ever!
We dropped him off at the airport and being the over protective mother.....
I watched him until I could longer see him in the long security line.
One of the deals we made is I would pay for him to go if he sent me several pictures and at least one picture of himself everyday he was there.
He kept good on his deal and sent me lots of pictures!
Good thing for selfies.
His itinerary was jammed packed the whole trip.  What he was able to see and do was incredible.
 After Brett's group had their tour of the Vietnam Memorial he told his teacher he would be right back.  He grabbed a friend and ran to the book to find which wall his Great Uncle Greg's name is on.  He could not find it so he looked it up on his phone.  He had just enough time to take a picture and run back to the bus.  Uncle Greg would of loved Brett!
  He was shopping for Brylee at the National Cathedral when he texted me this picture.  He had bought a different necklace and returned it when he saw the pink cross.  Next thing you know his buddies that had sisters were then shopping for theirs.  He has a heart of gold!

He came back with a suitcase full of gifts for his sister and brother.
Brylee loves her cross necklace and wears it all the time!

A trip to remember!
Not sure another field trip could ever beat this one!

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HS Mom of 4 said...

So happy for Brett. That's a trip I still dream about.