Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My hard working husband is working in Florida.
He left us in a snowglobe.
So we headed to Sunny Florida to defrost, soak up some rays and see what Bryan's world looks like.
All three were excited to fly.
As we walked off the jetway Bryan and my Mom were waiting.
Well they had a bit of a wait as I cleaned up Jake from getting sick on the plane.  Poor guy!
The first morning we played at the hotel pool until Bryan could come to the beach with us.
Jake wanted to catch a lizard and bring it home to keep as a pet.  Notice the lizard in the above picture? 
After swimming all day we ate dinner right on the ocean.

Headed out again for dinner and window shopping.
My handsome guy!
This outdoor mall had trumpets that announced it was going to snow.  My Wisconsin kids were not impressed as soap fell from the sky!  They pulled their shirts over there mouth and nose and we watched the local kids go nuts.
Bryan found a flower for his Princess.
We found a nature trail....
a Sea Turtle Rescue Center....
and a park to play at one afternoon while Bryan worked.
My three babies all tuckered out on the last night in Florida.
We had a 3 am wake up call to start our journey home.
Forever grateful for the time spent with my Mom, Kids and Bryan!


Vicki said...

Oh Sweet Girl- I only want more of treasured times. I love you all so much - and I, too, am so grateful for this special memorable vacation. Isn't it "great" that my little "again" is all about again and again? God is so good!!!!

HS Mom of 4 said...

How wonderful that you got to go to FL! It sounds like it was a lot of fun for everyone.