Friday, May 2, 2014

Superhero Teachers

Monday is the start of teacher appreciation week.
The theme is "Teachers are Superheros."
Can I get an amen?  Superhero would be an understatement.
Brylee and I stayed after school on Friday to decorate her teacher's door and left some superhero water bottles on the desks.
 I asked every student why Mrs. Erbes was a superhero and wrote their answer on each circle.
Brylee answered...She has a good heart and reads us a book every morning.  First Graders are awesome and have humorous answers!
Oh my I love Mrs. Erbes!!!!  She is exactly who Brylee needed for a 1st grade teacher.  She is the definition of a superhero.  All that is missing is a cape. She allows Brylee to be her sensitive, sassy self and sends her home feeling confident and loved.  What more can you ask for?
Another parent decorated Mrs. Burditt's door.
Jake wrote Mrs. Burditt is amazing, kind and funny.  I concur!!!

We moved to a new state just a couple of weeks before school started.  I prayed and know that God walked before each child and placed the perfect teachers in their path.  For that I am forever grateful!!


HS Mom of 4 said...

Yea! Amen! God is good. So glad they had such good teachers. A new town and new school is not easy. I'm sure that helped. Miss you guys! When you coming to see us?

Dara said...

I hope we make it this summer!!