Sunday, July 28, 2013

Loggers Game

Baseball season has come to an end.
 Jake's baseball team was invited to a Loggers game.
A great way to end the season.
He is watching in awe of the players warming up.
Dreaming of what it would be like to play on the big field.
"#88 Jacob Cavanaugh" was announced, he ran with pride listening to the applause and gave his high fives.
Standing proud with his team.
Then he was able to follow the big guys out onto the field.  He took his hat off, put it over his heart and stood for the national anthem.
I am very proud of my ball player...
and so are they!
He found his old dirty ball he brought with and timidly asked the ball players for their autographs.
He is optimistic that someday he will be the owner of a famous autograph.
Someday Jake,  you will be the one giving autographs.....
Dream big buddy!  Dream big!

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HS Mom of 4 said...

That was pretty cool. Congrats, Jake, on your day at the ball park.