Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Little Jake only had a handful of words at age 3.
If he was talking to me the whole sentence was Mamamamamamama.
He started speech therapy the month he turned 3.
Speech has been part of his life for the past 5 years.
He has had some amazing speech teachers. 
Mrs. A has been his speech teacher since Kindergarden.
Mrs. A makes him feel special and important.
Jake loves speech days!
  So much so that others in his class were faking speech issues to try to go to speech with Jake.
It finally happened...Jake was dismissed from speech.
He. Was. Devastated.
He says he never wants to leave speech.
Being the great speech teacher she is, once in awhile she will swing by and pick up Jake just for fun.
Thank you Mrs. A!!!

A link to listen to Jake work so hard on speech at age 4

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