Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Sicky

Jacob has not felt good for about 2 weeks.  Not horrible but he was not himself.
Finally it took him out with a fever.  He could no longer fake it......
Fake that his throat hurt. 
He has a BIG fear of getting his throat swabbed at the doctor.
It once took two men to hold him down to get the swab.  He is a fighter.
After missing two days of school I dragged him to the doctor. 
He was asked to show how he felt by pointing to a picture.  In trying to avoid the swab he pointed to the picture of the smiling face.
His tempature was 102.4 and his throat was covered in white patches with huge tonsils.  He still kept to his story that he was just fine.
Because Brett had strep throat 3 weeks ago his doctor showed him mercy and did not do the swab.
He was one lucky boy!
1 day of antibiotics and my spunky, crazy boy is back.

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Vicki said...

I was there for the first (tramatic) swab - you know, the other time he wasn't sick. His smiling face - puts a smile on my face. Love my boy!