Monday, September 10, 2012

MiMi and Grandpa Jim

Best Days Ever when Mama and Jim come to visit!
Grandpa Jim was the best sport ever as he took the first trip through the lunch line to eat lunch with his girl Brylee.  He was a trooper eating the most delicious tomato soup with an itsy bitsy spoon.
2nd trip through the line to eat with Jake.  Oh yea walking tacos this time.
Jacob now knows how to kick a football the right way.  Grandpa is a Great Football Coach!

Breakfast while the kids are in school.  And only my Mom can order off the senior menu for me.
These two are great examples of what an Amazing marriage looks like.
Next stop shooting lessons for Mom at Gander Mountain.  
Watch out you criminals she is not afraid to shoot!

Until next time.......

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