Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorizing Fools!

Brylee waited oh so patiently this year to be a Cubbie next year...she longed to be with her favorite friend Mesa.
Jacob finished his 2nd year of Cubbies and memorized an incredible 68 verses in past 2 years.
Yep Jake rocks!
and for Brett this year he memorized and recited 81 verses this year. My Brett has an incredible gift of memorization. He blows my mind away!
and the BEST GIFT of all... God's word is forever hidden in their hearts tucked deep away....priceless


HS Mom of 4 said...

I'm going to miss Jake. Glad to hear Brylee is looking forward to Cubbies. I think we're going to have a bunch of girls.

Vicki Valker Soltis said...

Sweet Girl - God is working through you. He is so good. I love and miss you so much!!!