Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jake goes to Preschool!

This is Mrs. Wright...Jakes's preschool teacher. Jacob got to meet her on Tuesday. She is lovely.
Today is his first day of preschool! He was very excited:)

He wanted only his Dad to drop him off. He finally agreed to let me go in. Geez!

Seriously who would not want to go to school here???

Look at him all ready to go in.

Not a tear shed from him. He went right in and joined the other kids....did not look for us one time. I'm glad!
Going to pick him up in one more hour, even though he requested I not come until midnight :)


Vicki Valker Soltis said...

He may not have shed a tear....but Mimi did! When did he grow up? Do you think he'll let me meet his teacher next Thursday? Love you soooo much..........Mimi

ps............see you soon, but not soon enough!!!!! When do we get to do lunch with Brett - and everyone else that follows him to his table?

neta said...

He looks so excited! Mrs Wright is a wonderful person. I saw her now and again when I worked at Westlink and she is very nice.

Debt Free Mom said...

Thanks Annetta :) I'm glad to know that!