Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Prayer Warrior

Jacob was not feeling good last night. He had a fever and his tummy Brylee and I decided to pray for him.
Below is a video of Brylee praying.
Brylee learned how to pray from Jacob. We all know Jacob is a bit speech delayed. Jacob is first to pray at dinner and he bows his little head and mumbles through his words. Brylee has decided that just must be how you pray.
Can you say speech therapy for Brylee!


Twyska said...

Eliana says she hopes Jacob feels better soon!

Brylee is so cute!

Talli said...

I love this video! Jake and Brylee speak the same language in prayers.

Vicki Valker Soltis said...

God only knows how much I love my Grandbabies. AMEN!!!! Miss you so much........Mimi