Monday, August 10, 2009

My Ears are Still Ringing

Because it was Bryan's Birthday and he begged and pleaded I caved and said I would to out to the place where he and his Dad duck hunt. I was pretty much freaking out because it was over 100 degrees and we all know that I don't like to be in the heat or outdoors. But with all glory given to God a storm was rolling in and the temp. dropped 20 degrees. THANK YOU GOD!
I even shot a gun! All I could think of was man that would hurt to be shot with a gun.
It was the first time the boys got to use their airsoft guns. They have never been so excited. Bryan even helped them shoot a riffle. And for Brylee she enjoyed the sand and flowers.
Alright is was kinda fun and I may do it again in 10 years....maybe.


HS Mom of 4 said...

What a trooper! Braver and more patient than I. You are a good and loving wife, Dara.

Vicki Valker Soltis said...

Glad you got pictures...because it would be hard to imagine! I agree - you are a good and loving wife and mom. And....Bry is a good and loving husband and dad. What lucky kids!!! Mimi